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Invention Research

6th grade used Chromebooks to research an original invention of their choice. They applied computer applications of Google Docs to write up a small report that included a personal response on how their invention benefited society over the years. On Halloween, students made presentations to share information about their invention.

                                                      presentation     Girl presenting

Skittle Data

6th grade  wrote two hypothesis and collected data on 61.5 gram package of Skittles. Students worked in small groups to discover the control portioning set by the company was not 100% accurate. They collected class data on a chart from each of the groups, then found the average mass and number of Skittles. Groups separated Skittles into color piles, calculated percentages, and made a bar graph. Students worked individually to answer questions about their findings using Language Arts sentence structure.

                                      counting Skittles    Skittle worksheet

Alligator comparison

6th grade wrote a hypothesis on their alligator's mass and length over 14 days of growth. Students measured daily and wrote information on a chart. At the end of the 14 days, students made a line graph with correct X and Y axis labels, title, and plot points.

alligator comparison  measuring length  measure length  measure mass
Before and after 14 days            measuring length                      measuring length                  measurement in grams


Glucose Molecules

Mrs. Northover’s 7th grade science classes made glucose molecules on Halloween for a sugar-fun day!

                                                         kids holding molecule         kids with water molecule