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Art class diffusion of color     Art class diffusion of color

Art students discuss molecular diffusion using M&M's, Skittles, and Reese's pieces to compare reaction times of cold and hot water. This gave students the time to discuss blending of colors to the color wheel.



6th grade students received a presentation from the Bear Lake Soil Conservation Department. Students were introduced to the different layers of soil and what can be found at each layer. Student made a yummy treat that represented the different layers of soil. Students got the opportunity to identify animal hides, skulls, and scat. Each student made a plaster animal paw.

    soil discussion    making paw prints    looking at hideslooking at hides  looking at skulls  looking at scat


Health using Technology

6th grade second semester, first section, Health Class came up with a service project for the Bear Lake Animal Shelter. Students researched information and used google slides to design a proposal presentation. The proposal was presented to Dr. Heeder and a discussion on changes to their original plan. Dr. Heeder invited students to present at the monthly school board meeting on student driven projects.  

students design presentation          

Students working on individual slides of the presentation.         Students presenting at the monthly school Board meeting.

Making posters  Making poster  Posters Made goal of $500.