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Hot Wheels

6th Grade used Hot Wheels to explore, collaborate, and strengthen understanding of potential and kinetic energy, transfer of energy, and the role friction plays in distance traveled.

Experiment #1  Question: What happens to the distance a car travels as the height of the ramp increases?   

Experiment#2   Question: Will the distance of a car increase when friction of flooring decreases?

Experiment#3   Question: Which will travel farther a car without weight, or a car with added weight?                            

measuring distance on carpet   Kids doing lab   Kids doing lab
 measuring distance on wood floor   measuring distance on wood floor     Kids doing lab

The Pictures of student measuring distance and calculating mean on three trials with increase ramp height and two types of flooring. Student used the scientific method to write up their results.

Doing lab  A few students expanded the activity to the downward slope of the auditorium floor.