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Discovery Center of Idaho

6th graders had a STEM day with the Discovery Center of Idaho. The science show, AIRPLANE TO THE MOON, covered Newton's Laws of Motion. The students were divided into two groups for engineering activities around stomp rockets and tower construction.

boy spinning with leaf blower  making stomp rocker  making stomp rocket  stomp rocket model
    making stomp rocket   shooting of stomp rocket
   designing towers  designing towers  designing hisghest tower  making a wall tower
  Utensil Prototype

6th grade students were presented with a plate of food, cup, and a napkin. Students were faced with a problem of how to eat the food that would be socially excepted. The challenge was on to make a kitchen utensil that could lift & flip, stab, hold liquid, cut, pinch, and strain.  

Utensil Prototype  Utensil Prototype  Utensil Prototype  

Students working on prototype.

   Utensil Prototype    Utensil Prototype   Utensil Prototype

Completed prototypes

Utensil Prototype          Utensil Prototype

Earned all 60 points on prototype test.                      Earned 55 points.                        

apple and orange compare constrast6th grade Language Arts uses items like apples and oranges to make comparisons.