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Robotics is a hands- on process of learning to program Lego Robots to complete tasks.  Students strengthen their ability to work as a team in applying a variety of approaches to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related concepts.

robotic board
robotic board

Competition Theme

December 15, 2018


Into Orbit,

            Solving Problems in Space Travel


The Atomic Comets built their own robot, throwing out the base model and opting for a tank. This gave them advantage in getting over rough terrain, but hindered its ability to turn with accuracy. They added a sledge hammer, aptly named, “The Mallet ™”.Their research project was on how to generate gravity in space and opted in learning about centrifugal forces. The Atomic Comets got the Judges Choice award

The Asteroids went with a base model robot, but had by far the best project problem and solution. You may not realize this, but there is a lot of junk in space from deteriorated satellites and rocket tests. Using a giant net to collect it and slingshotting it into the sun is one of the most innovative ways that scientists are looking at. What makes the Asteroids so great though is their gracious professionalism. Basically, in the face of competition they work hard, are respectful, and helpful to other teams.

            If the judges had been able to see what they did in the competition and not just in their presentations, they would have won the Core Values award, no questions asked. In one of their competition runs, in which they were facing against our own Galaxy Gals, they saw that the Galaxy Gals were well on their way to having a perfect match. The Asteroids could have changed that running just one of their programs and propelling themselves into 3rd or 4th place at that moment. Their run wasn’t perfect however and after hard contemplation, they didn’t run the program and let the clock run out. The two running the competition that moment, sacrificed their own points to allow the Galaxy Gals to have a perfect run.

            Galaxy Gals gave a perfect run, taking first place with 140 points. Without the extra 40 points that the Asteroids let them have, the Galaxy Gals would have had 100 points and been 4th or 5th, and the Asteroids 5th or 6th.This means that the Galaxy Gals are qualified to go to state in Twin Falls on January 12th


robotic team

Atomic Comets

robotics team

Galaxy Gals

robotic team