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"Have fun and try your best every time you step out on the mat.

Do not worry about wins and losses, just worry about giving it your best every time... and learn as much as you can from each match." 

                                                              Jake Varner,  Olympic wrestling gold medalist                         

wresting team


                           6th Grade                  7th Grade                           8th Grade

                        Dawson Beard          Samuel Biesinger                Matix Jacobson     

                        Kayden Beck             Hoyt Johnson                       Carter McPherson

                        Warren Hold             Ben McDowell                      Tyler Saunders

                        Fenton Moss             Joey McDowell                     Walker Pelto

                        Casey Well                 Stetson Rindlisbacker        

                                                              Chet Weston


5th out of 12 teams at district

District Champs

Devon Hoge

Matix Jacobson

Joey McDowell

Coach Jensen
Coach Brain Jensen