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Steve Heeder

Hi,  I am Dr. Steve Heeder, principal at Bear Lake Middle School.  I am proud to be an educator at such a great school. I had a poor start in school myself, but went on to earn an advanced degree, so I know first-hand how important it is to have good teachers who will never give up on their students' success.   

I have been in the Bear Lake School District since 2000.  Prior to becoming Principal, I was the School Psychologist and the Special Education Director.  I also worked for 7 years at Larry C. Kennedy School in Phoenix Arizona.  I am happy to report that Bear Lake Middle School is one of Idaho's top performing schools. No matter what test we use to measure student progress, students make about 4 years academic growth during their 3 years at BLMS.

Well Begun is Half Done

Well begun is half done means that getting a good start on an assignment or project makes it easier to complete the rest.  I was in a 6th grade classroom yesterday.  The teacher instructed students to start on their compare/contrast essay.  Since time remaining in class was short, she told students they might only have time to complete the first paragraph. 

Wow! The students got to work fast.  They showed a lot of discipline by working right up to the release bell, and they showed that they had written often in class before.  As a result, every student in class wrote at least half of their rough draft essay before the closing bell. 

By getting started right away and applying the skills they had already learned, all of the students lightened their work load for the next two days.  They did a great job of demonstrating the concept of “Well begun is half done.”

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